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Let us match you with the perfect collaborating physician
or medical director for your needs. We offer:

  • NO COST matching to collaborating physicians and medical directors. *
  • A proven track record of consistent success matching providers to physicians across multiple specialties in all 50 states.
  • Personalized service and 24-hour responses from our account coordinators.
  • Our replacement physician promise also comes with no additional search fees.
  • Complimentary sample procedures and protocols for IV Hydration, Med Spa, and Medical Weight Loss. 

* Account coordinators will explain the details for medical directors with ownership requirements based on state law.
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Collaborating Physicians

Doctors For Providers matches reliable and experienced collaborating physicians with advanced practice providers across the United States. Our doctors are licensed and specialize in many practice focuses, including:

Many of our doctors are familiar with trending medical services such as Aesthetics and IV Hydration, among others. Our doctors can also perform responsible oversight of advanced practice providers with a DEA license. In addition, Doctors For Providers can also provide backup collaborating physicians when needed.

How We Can Help Your Business!

Doctors For Providers will treat your business with the respect and individual attention that it deserves. Our company is founded and owned by physicians, and our mission is to help your practice succeed. Our account coordinators are specifically trained to match you with the best physicians to form collaborative relationships, in the specialty and practice focus that you need. We maintain profiles of hundreds of licensed and board-certified physicians in every specialty across all 50 states, including telemedicine.

Here are a few questions we recommend as guidelines when you are looking to form a collaborative agreement for your practice:


A Completely Tailored Experience

We are always focused on finding the perfect fit, and that includes a meet & greet live between you and the physician to make sure we’ve found the best collaboration for your clinical practice. We regularly review AMA guidelines for scope of practice to provide the most up-to-date information.

In the unlikely event that something doesn’t work out, we will make every effort to identify and provide a replacement physician with no additional search fees.

We understand that starting a business is a complicated process, and every business is different. We offer many resources to help guide you along the way to set up your unique practice. When you are ready, we will recommend the best collaborating physician or medical director so you can help your patients, grow your practice, and most importantly pursue your passion.