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Why Doctors for Providers

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Doctors for Providers will treat your business with the respect and individual attention that it deserves. Our company is founded and owned by physicians, and our mission is to help your practice succeed. As we learn more about you and your long-term goals, our Account Coordinators will find the best match for you, without up-front search fees, in the specialty that you need. The cost of your collaboration will be based on several factors including physician specialty, medications prescribed, and your practice type and location. We maintain profiles of hundreds of licensed and board-certified physicians in every specialty across all 50 states, including telemedicine. Here are a few questions we recommend as guidelines when you are looking for a collaborating physician:

What level of involvement will I need from my collaborating doctor?

At Doctors for Providers, we specialize in finding the perfect fit with every collaborating physician for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Some practices need the collaborating doctor for clinical help; others for emergencies only or predominantly to be compliant with your state’s laws.

Will you help me if I need a collaborating physician with specific experience, specialty, or even if I need prescriptive authority?

Some practices require that physicians have specific training or licenses, and Doctors for Providers takes that into consideration when searching for your collaborating doctor. If you require prescriptive authority, we will match you with the right physician for your patient’s needs.

How quickly can you find me a collaborating physician?

In most cases, a matching physician’s CV can be provided to you in as little as one to two days. Our Account Coordinators are trained to ask the right questions and match your business with the physician best-suited for long-term growth and success.

We are always focused on finding the perfect fit, and that includes a meet & greet live between you and the physician to make sure we’ve found the best collaboration for you both. In the unlikely event that something doesn’t work out, we guarantee a replacement physician at no extra cost. We regularly review AMA guidelines for scope of practice to provide the most up-to-date information. We are here every step of the way to guide you through the process of getting your business up and running, so you can help your patients, grow your practice, and most importantly pursue your passion. Complete our registration form from the link above to contact us and get more information about starting your medical practice today!


  • I found DFP to be extremely attentive to my collaboration needs. They found a perfect match for me and my business is growing as a result.

    Jessica Finley
  • Doctors For Providers is a great idea. The skill of matchmaking is not just for dating. It’s important in any job as the team members must be Sympatico, or else productivity suffers, which cannot happen in medicine or patient care suffers. So thank you DFP for contributing to and fostering excellent patient care through your efforts.

    Julie Rattle
  • I highly recommend Doctors For Providers to any Physician’s Assistant or Nurse who has entrepreneurship in their blood and wants to have a great collaborating doctor to either hold their hand or to let them fly.

    Brian Gonzalez
  • “DFP did an excellent job placing our school with our Medical Director, who has been very hands-on, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the education of our sonography students. DFP is a great talent resource for finding physicians for academic institutions.”

    Sonya McKeown
    Program Director DMS / Concorde Career Institute Tampa
  • “Doctors For Providers’ staff is very easy to work with and quick to find me a supervising physician. Finding a psychiatrist is no easy task, but they matched me with one in a few days. I would recommend their service to any NP/PA out there looking for a supervising doctor”

    West Coast Telepsychiatry
  • “I like this company because of the great communication within the staff. Very courteous and professional. The staff is doing a great job .”

    Gloria Fry
  • “Doctors for Providers has such a wonderful staff and is very easy to work with. It is a seamless process and I would recommend anyone to work with them”

    Dr. L. Purdy
  • Doctors for Providers was instrumental in helping me start my IV hydration clinic. They paired me with a helpful doctor with a lot of experience in this area who mentored me from A to Z.

    Jenna Maloney
  • When I needed to find an M.D. with good credentials for my IV hydration clinic, Kortnie at DFP was super friendly and helpful. Within a few days, I was having a video chat with my new medical doctor. We were a perfect match. Thanks, Doctors For Providers!

    Zoe Moriel
  • I was very skeptical and nervous about the process of obtaining a medical director for my small nursing business. Firstly, as an ICU nurse, this was innately a different role for me.

    Shona Joseph-Baylor BSN, RN, CCRN Esteem Concierge Nursing
    Ivy Smoothie Hydration & Wellness Sugar Land, Tx
  • He honestly values and appreciates the nursing profession and how much we do for healthcare and our patients.. He responded promptly to my request and has been honest with me. I respect his character and expertise. I feel confident in my business/professional success with Dr. Kurup as my medical director.

    Shona Joseph-Baylor BSN, RN, CCRN Esteem Concierge Nursing
    Ivy Smoothie Hydration & Wellness Sugar Land, Tx
  • This great match was made possible by Catie Harris of NursePreneurs, my coaching team, who offered a special to all cohorts. That’s how I met the fabulous Karen Gonzales with Doctors 4 Providers. Karen Gonzales is the recruiter who worked diligently to learn more about me, my business needs and plans for growth.

    Shona Joseph-Baylor BSN, RN, CCRN Esteem Concierge Nursing
    Ivy Smoothie Hydration & Wellness Sugar Land, Tx
  • Karen spent several conversations with me to get detailed information to match me with the best medical director. She called me with 3 options and more to follow but once she told me about Dr. Kurup’s experience and philosophy I knew he would be a great match. So thanks to Dr. Kurup and Karen for making this dream come true

    Shona Joseph-Baylor BSN, RN, CCRN Esteem Concierge Nursing
    Ivy Smoothie Hydration & Wellness Sugar Land, Tx
  • Functioning as a business person making decisions (within my scope of practice of course) but having a true collaborator like Dr. Sunil Kurup really put my worries to rest. Dr. Kurup offered practical and relevant healthcare business advice.

    Shona Joseph-Baylor BSN, RN, CCRN Esteem Concierge Nursing
    Ivy Smoothie Hydration & Wellness Sugar Land, Tx
  • Doctors for providers work with our nurses and they have been amazing! it’s a huge relief to have access to this group who are so dedicated to nurses!!

  • I am one happy client! I spent over a year interviewing local physicians to provide oversight for my IV Nutrition company and it took Doctor’s 4 Providers less than 2 weeks to find a perfect match! As a small business owner, it was equally as important for my partnering MD to bring as much empathy, personality, and professionalism to the company as I do as the owner of my company.

    Janelle Pattengale RN, Owner
    RN, Owner Resurrection Health, LLC
  • The mission is to provide top-notch care and customer service to my clients. We are nourishing not only cells but souls through our services and care! I feel Dr. Whyte is a perfect match for our mission. She is everything I prayed for and George, the rep I had the pleasure of working with, did an absolute excellent job with his selection.

    Janelle Pattengale RN, Owner
    RN, Owner Resurrection Health, LLC
  • It’s more than just ‘paying’ someone for oversight. I am in the business of relationships all the way around and he knew this! Thank you, Doctors 4 Providers, for helping me launch my small business and helping me fulfill my American Dream!

    Janelle Pattengale RN, Owner
    RN, Owner Resurrection Health, LLC
  • I made the decision to open my own practice in Texas and Doctors for Providers could not have been more supportive and helpful. They took out all the guesswork of ensuring that I have a reliable and exceptional collaborating physician to go on this journey with. Communication was excellent throughout the process with quick responses and action consistently. Camryn was wonderful in ensuring that I was informed every step of the process and found me a collaborating physician that couldn’t be a better fit for my team. The whole process took just about a week, including meet and greets and then signing a contract. Any nurse practitioner that is seeking a collaborating physician will be in wonderful hands here!
    FNP, Texas
  • The team at Doctors For Providers is highly professional and always thoughtful.  The level of personal care and professional expertise has been deeply evident in every interaction I have had with the DfP team.  For medical practitioners intent on elevating their research experience and expertise, aligning with DfP is a smart and profitable move.
    David (Whit) Whitney
    Sarkis Clinical Trials

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