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Dr. Dan Cousin
With Training from Harvard, Yale, and Columbia, Dr. Dan is a Board-Certified radiologist, with almost two decades of experience in the field, and having worked closely with over a hundred mid-level providers during his career.

Dr. Dan Cousin

Co-Founder, Doctors For Providers
Dr. Lev Grinman
Dr. Lev Grinman is board certified in neurology and sleep medicine with a subspecialty focus in intraoperative monitoring. His goal is to learn about your practice and your goals and help you find a collaborative physician who is a perfect fit.

Dr. Lev Grinman

Co-Founder, Doctors For Providers
Kortnie Yakaski
Kortnie is certified in neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring. She has significant experience in the healthcare industry and business operations. Kortnie is a big animal lover and tolerates her husband too. Kortnie lives in North Carolina.

Kortnie Yakaski

Operations Manager
Neika Harris
Neika is certified in neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring. Neika is both personable and very organized and thrives in a fast paced environment. Neika Lives in Oklahoma.

Neika Harris

Executive Coordinator
Evan Klees Photo
Evan is certified in EEG and also has a degree in sport and exercise science. Evan has significant experience in sales. Evan lives in Arizona.

Evan Klees

Account Coordinator
Brielle yakaski photo
Brielle is a certified clinical medical assistant. She has significant experience working in primary care practices. Brielle lives in New Jersey.

Brielle Yakaski

Account Coordinator
Krista Ritt photo
Krista has worked in the dental field for many years. She has significant experience in administration, sales, and marketing. Krista is also a piano instructor. Krista lives in Wisconsin.

Krista Ritt

Account Coordinator
George Winstone Photo
George Has a degree in economics and music from the United Kingdom. George is also a professional Jazz saxophonist. George lives in New York.

George Winstone

Account Coordinator
Ben Beal
Ben is a professional keyboard player and has experience recruiting physicians for opportunities in the collaborating and medicolegal space. Ben Lives in Florida.

Ben Beal

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Medical Directors
Doctors For Providers meets with Catie Harris, Owner of NursePreneurs, to discuss medical directors working with IV Hydration providers.
Dr. LEV and Dr. DAN ANSWER QUESTIONS FOR PA’S AT PAVMT. Doctors For Providers would like to thank (PAVMT: Doctors)
for inviting Dr. Lev and Dr. Dan to speak to the eager and ambitious Physician Assistants who are taking on the noble pursuit of forming an independent practice. PAVMT is an excellent organization doing some really great things by being such an excellent resource for advanced practice providers!
Dr. Catie Harris, the owner and CEO of NursePreneurs along with D4P’s Co-founders Dr. Lev Grinman and Dr. Dan Cousin chat
about the importance of Medical Directors and Collaborating Physicians for provider-owned practices. Gain more insight on our new partnership, the D4P mission, and how we both can help take your career to the next level!
Doctors for Providers and partner Nursepreneurs along with Dr. Laura Purdy went live to answer provider questions around Medical Directorship, IV hydration and more! Are you a provider with a new business model but you need a Medical Director to collaborate with?
Let Doctors for Providers match you to the perfect medical director!

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