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Collaborating Physicians

Doctors: Advanced Practice Providers are looking to collaborate with you!

Doctors For Providers works with all types of APP’s including entrepreneurs their own practice, and those in contact and salaried positions. Our service offers work-at-home physician jobs to oversee those practicing in medical offices, med spas, mobile practices, patient homes, and via telemedicine. Working in this capacity as a medical professional provides great alternative jobs for doctors.

DFP also works with national telemedicine providers that require multi-physician collaborations for multiple APP’s practicing across many states, creating more non-traditional physician jobs with passive income for doctors. We often utilize physicians with multiple state licenses for these projects. 

Doctors For Providers is always looking for reliable and experienced collaborating physicians across the United States. Some of our most popular collaboration opportunities are in trending medical services such as Aesthetics, IV Hydration, Primary Care, and Pain Management, among others. This provides a doctor passive income, while allowing a provider to practice within compliance.

Physicians who are multi-state licensed will have additional opportunities. DFP physicians can choose to designate prescriptive authority under DEA guidelines and perform responsible oversight of Advanced Practice Providers with a DEA license. In addition, DFP offers backup collaborating physician opportunities when needed.

Check out this video from Dr. Dan Cousin, co-founder of Doctors For Providers

Reasons to consider working as a collaborating physician or medical director:

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