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Collaborating Doctors

The Many Reasons Why Physicians Should Collaborate

Collaborating Doctors

There are many good reasons for Doctors to collaborate with Advanced Practice Providers. First, there are not enough doctors to go around, and you are supporting a new trend in healthcare, in fact a new movement, that allows more people around the country to receive health care.


Second, it’s good for professional development and you can put down on your CV that you’re a collaborating physician or medical director.


Third, similar to being an associate professor in an academic teaching program, it’s rewarding to help a provider set up a successful practice. Whether you’re helping a resident, a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant, it’s self-fulfilling to develop new healthcare providers.


Fourth, you will be paid consistently and predictably for your work. It’s not like private practice where you bill insurance and wait to get paid a fraction of what you bill for. Collaborations are guaranteed recurrent income, where you get a check each month for the life of the collaboration. If time allows, you can be doing multiple collaborations. And depending on where you are licensed, you can collaborate in multiple states. Some currently collaborating physicians love the idea of multitasking collaborations.


Fifth, the average time commitment is relatively low, certainly lower than your commitment with your current patients. Some providers are very independent and infrequently require guidance from you, but they appreciate knowing that you’re there when they do.


There are many other reasons as well. Feel free to call us if you have any questions by going to our contact page, or just go ahead and click above on Registration tab to join our database so that we can contact you about the next collaboration matching your expertise.